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A Brutal Attack on a doctor
Brutal attack on studnets by Israeli Soldiers
Israeli Soldier attack a journalist duirng his duty
Jewish settlers attacked a woman that lead her to Fainting
Attack on an School Principle by Israeli Soldiers
Attack on a Humen Rights worker
Attacking a Journalist
Jewish Settlers attacks on a car that has children
Jewish Settlers Attack
Jewish settlers attack a person and broke his Joint bone
Jewish settlers attacked a house and destroy its contents and...
Settlers attack on houses and burning trees
Settlers attack on house property
A nurse decribes the situation after the massacre of Abraham...
Preventing women from praying inside the Sanctuary of Abraham during...
Testimonies from eye witness upon the Sanctuary of Abraham Massacre
Testimonies upon wounded persons inside the Sanctuary of Abraham...
Al Haram Mascare , Tension between one of the haram's guard and...
Settlers Practises : burning car
Settlers attacking youths with the participation of Israeli soldiers