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Palestinian Historical Persons

Histroical Palestinian Persons

Photo of residents in 1937

Palestinian residents from Haifa and jenin mountains are gatherd in this picture with their leader Abdel-Qader Al-Youssef Al- Abdel-Hadi carring the palestinian falg which has the Crescent and the cross signs


The Palestinian deleigation to London in 1921

The committe of delegates sent to London in 1921. People sitting from right to left: Moussa Kazem Pasha Al-Husseini – Toufic Hammad. People standing from right to left: Ibrahim Shammas – Shebli Al-Jamal – Amin El-Tamimi – Mouin El-Madi.


Committee of the Syro Palestinian Conference in Geneva, 1921

The picture shows the Committee of the Syro-Palestinian conference in Geneva in 1920 The poeple in this picture are : From the right to the left : Emir Shakib Arslan - Haj Toufiq Hammad - Taan Bey Al-Emad - Michel Lotfallah Bey - Imam Mohamed Rashid Reda - Suleiman Bey Kanaan. Standing from right to left: Amin Tamimi - Najib Bey Choucair - Shebly Effendi El-Jamal - Ehsan El-Jabri

Syro Palestinian Commite
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