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Abedel Karim Shaker Alami

Welcoming Mr. Ahmad Al-Shukairy at Jerusalem Airport

Welcomming Mr. Ahmad Al-Shukairya at Jerusalem Airport during his arrival in1960's. In the right side appears Mr.Alami.

In the second picture, welcoming Al Shukairya inside Jerusalem Airport.

استقبال السيد أحمد الشقيري استقبال السيد أحمد الشقيري _2

Abdel Karim Shaker Alami in front of PLO Headquarters


The picture shows the P.L.O headquater at Sheikh Jarrah,Jerusalem (In front of St.Jone Hospital). During 1960's the P.L.O headquarter was transfered to Beit Hanina behind Al Qutub Family, which was King Hussin Castle at that time.


عبد الكريم شاكر العلمي
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