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Provinces and towns

Bethlehem in the late 19th century

The picture shows a horizontal view of bethlehem old part that continues to the church of Nativity. In looking deeply inside the photo you can easily notice the similar architectural elements in Bethlehem old houses.


Natural view on Mount of Olives

The picture shows Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, to the right stands Mary Magdalene Russian Orthodox church which was built in 1888 in honor of Tsar Alexsander III mother's.

Mount of Olive

Nativity Church in 1875

Church of the Nativity duirng the 19th Century, before erecting any of the three bells towers -Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian. All the three bells were erected in the 20th century.

The historical and Religious sites at Bethlehem

These pictures date back to the 1960's during the Jordanian rule of the west bank (1948-1967)The sites in the picture are Church of Natviity , The star , Old city and shepered field in Beit Sahour.

Historical Sites from Bethlehem

Water Channel in Jerichio, Post office picture

Jericho is the oldest city in the world, dated to the Neolicthic period (10000.BC)ages It was a witness for the first evolution of agriculture in the world, that was a key point to its cultural development. Water channels also tranported water into Hisham's Palace during the Umayyad period.

P.S Hisham palace was destroyed by ane arthquake in 749 A.D

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