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Provinces and towns

The fountain of Virgin Mary-Nazareth

The picture shows women brining water from the fountain of the virgin, as they are using the traditional way of brining water, from filling it in jars and putting it on their heads. Historically the usage of Jars by Humen kind started during the Stone Age(Neolithic period 10000 B.C)

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The Sumerian Torah

The picture shows one of the summerian preist and in hands the torah. He looks sad and depressed as he considered himself a lineal deasedant from the Isralites whom where
left in the middle of land, during the summerian attack in 722B.C and carried rest of the people into salves.

Sumerian Torah Related Information

XII and XIII stations of the VIA DE LA ROSSA

The picture shows the 12th and 13th stages of the VIA DE LA ROSSA concerned with the great friday day in christanity. These two stages took palce inside the church of Holy Sepulcher.

XII and XIII stations of the VIA DE LA ROSSA
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