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Palestinian historical events

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Palestinian historical events

Special Conference concerning Palestine in Syria 1937

Memorial Picture for the participated members in Bloudan resort in syira in September 1937. The people at the picture are as follow : right to left from the front row: Hamad Bey Saab, one of the commanders of the Great Palestinian Revolution of 1936-1937 – Iraqi nationalist Said El-Haj Thabet – Ali Bey Ebeid – Riad El-Solh, Prime Minister of Lebanon – Syrian nationalist Ihsan Bey Al-Jabri – Eltaher – Mohamed Mohieddin Al-Halabi Pasha - All the others unknown.


Train derailed from its path in 1937

The derailed train at the picture is related to the british trrops, where it has the logistic supplies to the british Army. The train weas taking the Jerusalem-Jaffa path and it was derailed by the palestinian residente.

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Photo of residents in 1937

Palestinian residents from Haifa and jenin mountains are gatherd in this picture with their leader Abdel-Qader Al-Youssef Al- Abdel-Hadi carring the palestinian falg which has the Crescent and the cross signs

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