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Personal Documents

Personal Documents

The 1936 family portrait of the Elias Audi Family

The 1936 family portrait of the Elias Audi Family. Taken in front of their home, Uncle Sam’s Hotel. Standing: Aniseh Audi, Badi’ Karallah, Ellen Mansur, Najla Mansur, Azezz Audi, Nabiah Audi, Saleem Audi. Seated: Badi Audi Karallah, Elias Audi, Emily Audi holding Noel MansuMarta Aroumonie Karallah. The children: May Mansure standing on the ground: Khalil Mansure, Helen Mansur.


Mansour Family Picture

The 1933 family portrait of  Najla Audi with her three children. Her daughter, Helen, her son Khalil, and the baby Rajaj. 


Wedding picture, related to Mansour family

The 1926 wedding of Audi Mansure Muhaweha and Najla Elias Audi Debeeney. There is an obvious blending of a peasant and city nackground. Pictured are standing: Said Shaheen, Jiries Mansure, Azeez Shaheen, Ellen Audi, Nabiha Audi, Nikmeh Salamy Audi (Already a widow at eighteen) Bahia Salah (the mother of Nabeel Ajlouny) Aniseh Audi and the little boy standing, Azezz Audi. Seated: Ne’meh Salamy Shaheen (the mother of Azezz Shaheen) Khadra Mansur, Mansur Audi Audi Muhaweha, Jamileh Audi, Audi Mansure, Najla Audi, Emily Audi, Elias Audi.


Two Brothers pose for this photo, 1926

 Two Brothers pose for this photo from 1926- Mansure Audi Muhaweha and Nasralla Ausi Muhaweha- a third brother, not pictured, was Sahaheen Audi Muhaweha- the father of Azezz Saheen.

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