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Youssef Abou-Dorra and his staff during the 1936 revolt.

Youssef Abou Dorra is one of the 1936 revolution leaders. He asked the Jordanian government to approve his Asylum to Jordan during the time of King Abdullah I and the government approved that. However, when Youssef Abou Dorra arrived to Jordan, he was captured and delivered to the British Authorities in Palestine where he was immediately killed.

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Fawzi Qaouqji, 1936

Fawzi Qaouqji, a Lebanese volunteer for leading the palestinian residents during the revolution of 1936 against the British Mandate.


Mr. Awni Al hadi at the Sarafand Political Prisoners Camp,1936

From right to left, Ezzat Darwaza , Sheikh Sabri Abdine , and the Palestinian embassador to Jordan Awni Abdelhadi. The picture was taken during the revolt of 1936 against the British occupation at the Sarafand Political Prisoners Camp.

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Photo of residents in 1937

Palestinian residents from Haifa and jenin mountains are gatherd in this picture with their leader Abdel-Qader Al-Youssef Al- Abdel-Hadi carring the palestinian falg which has the Crescent and the cross signs

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