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الفئات الفرعية

الفئات الفرعية


Morning training exercises of the Holy Jihad Army, 1/1/1949

The picture shows, Abdel Karmin (Abu Marwan) in front line of Holy Jehad Army during their morning  training at Aida training camp which was first used by Egyptians and later it was used by Al Jehad holy army.

جيش الجهاد المقدس _1 جيش الجهاد المقدس_2

The Altar of the Nativity in 1621

A- مذبح الميلاد
B- مهد المسيح
C- مذبح المجوس
D- درج الوصول للمذبح
F- صورة متخيلة للقديس جيروم

Nativity_1621 (checked)

Bethlehem in 1960's, Post office picture

General view of Bethlehem city during the 1960's , from the right The Greek Catholic Church that lies in Star Street (Old Ciry) , in the middle Church of Nativity , and beneath the church, lies Terra Sancta School related to the custody of the holy land.

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